TOPATOYS - production of wooden block puzzles with pictures - KUBUSES

We are a family owned business based in Stara Paka, Czech Republic (see contact), specializing in serial production of wooden block puzzles with pictures for children. TOPATOYS is a successful company which has been marketing high quality customised block puzzles with child attractive pictures since 1997.

Apart from the traditional motives such as fairy tales or animals, we produce new picture block puzzles with any motive according to your wishes and specifications (in your design, with your pictures).

It has enjoyed successful market penetration with its recognised quality products and continues attract market recognition through design innovation and close attention to customer and market requirements.


The Kubus is the design centerpiece of our range of products. The Kubus concept captures the physical characteristics of the product as well as innovative and colourful pictures.

Our wooden block puzzles known as Kubuses are made of local spruce wood. The sizes vary from the size of 2x2=4pcs of cubes in Kubus to max. 5x6=30pcs of cubes in Kubus, the size of each cube being 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.7cm. The puzzles can be packed in paper folders, paper boxes, wooden bottoms or wooden boxes.

The Kubus is a recognised child friendly learning toy in the highly competitive Czech domestic toy market and has enjoyed market recognition in the USA, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Interest in the Kubus as a unique and child attractive product continues to grow.


All our products meet strict safety and hygienic standards, are tested in the State Testing Laboratory and comply with EN 71.